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A majority of the public in China and the US support the Paris Agreement and the transition to clean energy, new survey findings show

Bonn, Germany-- At COP 23 the China Center for Climate Change Communication (China4C) and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) will release results from recent national surveys of public opinion about climate change in China and the United States. What are the climate change beliefs, risk perceptions, and support for climate policies among the public in these two countries so critical to global climate negotiations? How can these insights help policy makers and civil society mobilize public will for climate action?  The survey results provide answers, to be explored at the event, entitled Comparing and Contrasting Public Opinion on Climate Change in China and the US.

The survey findings are especially timely as President Trump says he will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, while President Xi articulates a growing commitment to lead on the issue. 

Binbin Wang, Ph.D., of China4C and Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D. of the YPCCC will present the survey results, followed by a conversation with discussants representing the private sector, government, and civil society.

WHEN:  Friday, November 10th, 3 pm - 4:30 pm Bonn time

WHERE:  The “Bonn Zone,” in Rheinaue Park, Bonn, Germany, Meeting Room 4 (precise room may change; check official listing)

CONTACT: Binbin Wang,, (86) 138-1037-7810 re the China survey or; Anthony Leiserowitz, re the U.S. survey or , (1) 203-654-1795 for further information.


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